Strategic Plan

Temple Beth El has entered the final stage of its strategic planning process, which uses Appreciate Inquiry (AI) to guide our work. The Strategic Planning Committee guided the congregation through the first three steps of the four-step AI process: 1) Inquire, 2) Imagine, and 3) Innovate. The work of the Strategic Planning Committee has been completed and TBE’s 2013-18 strategic plan is now in the hands of TBE’s board, committees, and congregation for the final stage of the AI process: 4) Implement.

Plans from each committee (or group of committees) and the TBE staff have been compiled and comprise the centerpiece of our congregation’s strategic plan. Each group developed “design statements” and objectives for their functional area that described their vision of TBE in five years. All design statements reflect the overarching theme that came from the congregants who participated in community forums: building community and creating connections(while design statements are similar to goals, they are bold, are stated affirmatively and in the present tense, and they challenge the status quo).

Many of the design statements and objectives that will guide our congregation between now and 2018 are quite transformative; much of the work we do over the next five years may look very different from what we do today.

Temple Beth El’s board of trustees reviewed the strategic plan in May, and the Strategic Planning Committee presented the plan to the congregation at the May 21 annual congregational meeting.

We are excited to share the plan with the congregation. If you did not pick up a copy at the congregational meeting, you may download the strategic plan and its appendices or contact the office to have the plan mailed to you. At next year’s congregational meeting, you will hear reports from each committee about how their activities during the year supported their design statements, and they will share their proposed action steps for the following year.

At the meeting, each congregant had a chance to make his or her personal commitment to the overarching theme, and the temple office will send each attendee a postcard in the fall as a reminder of those commitments. There is a poster hanging in the rotunda where you can see the variety of personal commitments that members of the congregation have made. Feel free to take a Post-It note and add your own commitment to building community and creating connections.


Strategic Plan