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Shop at Amazon, Earn Up to 8% for Temple Beth El

1. Get Started

Click here to go directly to using our associates code.

2. Make It Easy

Add this link your browser's Bookmark (or "Favorites") toolbar: It will create a link to Amazon that contains our Associate code. This way you are never more than one click away from direct access to Amazon.

3. Use it Always!

Every time you shop on Amazon, use the link on this page, the Amazon link on the home page, or your bookmark!


Amazon SMILE vs. Amazon Associates (for those who use Amazon SMILE)

By designating Temple Beth El in the Amazon SMILE program and shopping at, you can ensure that we receive a gift of .5 (one-half) percent of what you spend (one cent out of every two dollars). But using our Associate links earns us 16 times more, and it is hard to use both at the same time.

What Is an Amazon Associate?

Temple Beth El is an Amazon associate, which means that when you shop with Amazon using links from our web site, up to 8% of the value of your purchases is paid to TBE as referral fees.

Will I See Visual Evidence of Associate Shopping?

No evidence is displayed to the shopper that purchases are benefiting a particular Associate. This does not matter. If you have accessed Amazon through our links, we will receive the benefit.

How Are Associate Benefits Determined?

The most important factor is the number of sales made through our links. The greater the volume, the higher the referral percentage.

Do I Benefit in Any Way?

Well, Amazon's prices are seldom beaten. And a percentage of your purchases directly supports Temple Beth El!

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