The Legacy Society

Legacy_torch"You are not required to complete the work, but neither are you at liberty to abstain from it."  Rabbi Tarfon

Giving for the Future

The Legacy Society is a coordination between Temple Beth El, Home of Peace Cemetery and the Tacoma Jewish Community Fund.  These organizations have joined together to ensure the lasting growth of the Jewish community in Pierce County.

Each of us can reach higher, do more and attain a better life than those who came before us. We can achieve these goals because those who came before us left us a legacy. They gave us Torah, institutions, ideas, music, art and more. We use their legacies to our benefit.

In the Jewish tradition we remember those who created legacies – when we remember yahrzeits, when we pray Yizkor, when we enter a house of worship, when we open and study our sacred texts. At every worship service we remember the legacy our ancestors gave us.

Likewise, we must leave our own legacies for those who will follow. The Legacy Program offers an opportunity for each of us to create a special lasting legacy.

By contributing to a legacy endowment, you can ensure that the work of the local Jewish community will remain alive and well for future generations. The next generations will be able to reach higher because the Legacy Program provides a mechanism to insure this future.

It is not difficult or complicated to leave a financial legacy, to provide a gift for the future and to recognize your debt to those who came before. The information in this brochure will show you what is involved and help you to proceed.

It is by remembering the past and providing for the future that the wish of l’dor vador (from generation to generation) is made real.

If you wish, you can specify how the our community uses your

  • Unrestricted (used for Home of Peace, Temple Beth El and/or Tacoma JCF general purposes);
  • Restricted (used for a particular purpose).

We recommend that you contact an attorney, C.P.A., and/or consultant who works regularly with the drafting of wills, trusts, and other estate planning documents. This individual can help you determine if there are any tax considerations in designing your estate plan.

The Legacy Society's Promise


Planned giving is very important to sustain our Jewish community. It is a way for us to come together to support the continuation of Judiasm for future generations. It provides the way for generations to be connected through time.  Remembering that Kol Yisrael areivim zeh lazeh (we are all responsible to the community, one unto the other), your Legacy Society offers its assistance to all who wish to make a legacy gift.

Our focus is summarized as follows:
  • Encourage lasting contributions to the Temple’s Endowment or other established Funds.
  • Inform the community about all types of planned gifts and bequests that can benefit the Tacoma Jewish community.
  • Maintain communication with community members, or their relatives, who have expressed an interest in making a planned gift.
  • Provide assistance to community members and their families who have requested help in making a planned gift.
  • Take responsibility to assure that those making a planned gift are appropriately thanked and honored for their commitment.
  • Advise the Home of Peace, Temple Beth El and Tacoma JCF boards about gift policies and procedures.
  • Coordinate the Legacy Society’s planned giving activities.
  • Motivate community membership and leadership to develop a culture of understanding and supporting generosity.

How to Leave a Legacy

For the future, and for the genuine difference that Jewish organizations can make in our community, you can provide a legacy through your estate plan in a variety of ways, some as simple as including a statement in your will.

If you already have a will, you can easily add a codicil (an amendment to your will) providing for a bequest. If you do not have a will, this is the time to prepare one. A will is fully revocable while you live—you retain control and can easily make revisions should your circumstances change.

When you include Home of Peace, Temple Beth El and/or the Tacoma Jewish Communities Fund in your will, you are supporting our Jewish community far into the future. Your bequest can take a number of different forms:

  • A bequest of a specific dollar amount to the organization(s) of your choice;
  • The bequest of a specific asset;
  • The bequest of a percentage of your assets;
  • A residual bequest for the remainder of your estate once you have made all your other specific bequests;
  • A life income bequest structured to provide lifetime income to your family before the gift is available;
  • A contingent bequest, where the gift is made only if specific conditions occur, e.g., a spouse has died before the donor.


A message from Rabbi Bruce Kadden

More Legacy Information

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