Schedule information

Schedule Information

Sunday Morning (Co-op preschool through second grade)

10:00-12:00     Class time

12:00-12:30     All-school t’filah

*Music, art, cooking and nature (teva) are offered periodically for our kindergarten through second grade students.

*Our co-op preschool has a specialized schedule that includes music, art, etc. all within the context of their classroom.


Sunday Morning (third through fifth grade)

10:00-12:00     Class time

12:00-12:30     All-school t’filah

*Students in our third through fifth grade academy program operate on a rotating schedule which offers them time to study their curriculum as well as time to participate in library, music, art, cooking and nature (teva).


Sunday Morning (seventh grade)

10:00-12:00     Class time

12:00-12:30     All-school t’filah


Sunday Afternoon Hebrew High School (eighth through twelfth grade)

12:00-12:30     All-school t’filah

12:30-1:00       Lunch

1:00-1:45         All-school programming/electives

1:45-2:30         Grade-level classes


Wednesday Afternoon Hebrew School (Third through seventh grade)

4:30-5:15 Classes

5:15-5:30  Break

5:30-6:00 Classes


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